Have You Got It Like the Bible Says




  1. Have You Got It Like the Bible Says
  2. Psalms 3
  3. Talkin’ About That Old Time Religion
  4. God Leads Us Along
  5. Clap Your Hands
  6. I’m Getting Back Up
  7. Too Much to Gain to Lose
  8. Until Then
  9. I Wonder What They are Doing in Heaven Today

What a wonderful privilege to be raised in a Bible-believing home! My great-great grandmother received the baptism of the Holy Ghost in 1906 in Clay County, Kentucky. I was saved at the young age of five, and received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost at age six. At age eight I began playing the piano in our little country church. Many of the songs to which you will be listening have been handed down to me by the old saints. I pray they will enrich your life and increase your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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