Strength of Sin




The Strength of Sin, recorded live at Community Family Church in Independence, Kentucky, opens with a stirring Pentecostal song service: “God Rides On Wings Of Love” (Mark Ellis, Valerie Johnson, and Josh Bates); “Exaltation” (Pastor Bates); “Oh It Is Jesus” (Brenda Taylor and the CFC Choir); “Didn’t He Walk On The Water” (Connie Hon); “I Love The Lord Deep Down In My Heart” and “You Won’t Leave Here Like You Came” (Pastor Bates).

This powerful message begins with a brilliant account of the nature of sin. Heroin, adultery, envy, murder, and death, Pastor Tommy Bates notes, are the ugly consequences of sin, not its origin and driving force. Sin began long before the creation of man with the fall of Lucifer, the angel of light who was meant to coordinate the music of the universe, to lead the orchestra of everlasting praise to God. But pride and ambition welled up in him as he desired to be like God. Lucifer turned into Satan by committing this first sin—the sin of all sins–and becoming the chief agent of sin and its ultimate consequence, death. Jesus, present from the beginning, casts Lucifer and his followers into everlasting darkness where they create chaos and attempt to destroy all that God wrought, including men and women infected by the disposition to sin after Satan’s successful temptation of Adam and Eve. Satan’s pride and self-obsession became ours. The Law, which demonstrated the lethal power of sin, proved powerless to overcome it. Only Jesus could. He decided to restore the everlasting praise of God by taking on human form and paying the price for sin in human blood. Why? We were created in the image and likeness of God in order to fill heaven with praise, to restore what Lucifer and his dark angels had attempted to destroy forever. Pastor Bates reminds us that in heaven our prayers will have been answered, our faith turned to sight, and our perseverance rewarded. We take none of these into the presence of God. It is only our praise here that will endure there. Since we were “put on this earth to develop a praise unto Him,” Pastor Bates declares, we should treasure this gift, and use it to glorify God.

This powerful message clarifies the nature and staggering strength of sin, its firm death grip on us. And it reveals the greater power of salvation to overcome sin and death. Jesus delivers us from ourselves and gives us everlasting life in order to restore heaven’s praise. Don’t miss this one.

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